Early Birds Genesis

Early Birds Genesis is an exclusive community that focuses on providing members with education of the Web2 and Web3 spaces, retail/NFT arbitrage opportunities, options trading guidance, community building, and various rewards. Our goal is long term wealth generation for our community that is backed by scalable utilities and network expansion.

There will only ever be 999 Early Birds. Owning an Early Bird grants the holder Lifetime Membership in our token-gated discord and access to the utilities within. We have implemented a subscription model, which allows new/existing members to pay for monthly access, apart from holding an Early Bird Genesis NFT (Lifetime Membership).

Among the 999 Early Birds will be 69 Legendary 1/1 Early Birds. Upon mint, there were 23 Legendaries in our collection. Once per week, we either transform a random holder’s regular Early Bird into a Legendary Early Bird, or sell a Legendary Bird, until there are 69 Legendary 1/1 Early Birds. Legendary Early Bird holders are offered exclusive rewards within the Early Birds ecosystem.



Mint our 999 genesis Early Birds on the Ethereum Blockchain and begin our flight into the metaverse. Our mint date was at 5/31/2022 10am EST, at a price of .1 Ethereum per Early Bird.

Bird Bank (Treasury)

The Bird Bank funds expansion of our utilities/roadmap, covers project expenses, and supplies marketplace drops. Powered by secondary royalties and subscription proceeds.


Early Birds’ core utility token, $WORMS, are generated by staking Early Birds in The Nest. Early Birds generate a varying amount of $WORMS based on their rarities and stake durations . $WORMS are our ecosystem’s vehicle for rewarding convicted holders. 1 $WORMS = 1 $WORMS

Worms Mart

Early Bird ownership grants access to Worms Mart, our Polygon marketplace. Our unique marketplace provides a wide range of redeemable items and services for holders. There will be Legendary Items, which are offered only to Legendary Early Bird holders. Only $WORMS are accepted.

Bird Merch

Spread the good word of the bird via merchandise drops. Merch will be limited and will ship worldwide. Merchandise sales will directly support our artist, as well as power our Bird Bank.


Early Birds Collective is an exclusive group of investors, founders and artists on a mission to bridge Web2 to Web3. The collective generates fractionalized benefits for its members and exposure of our ecosystem via investments, project curations and provision of services to clientele. Mint price was $3000. Our first curation is Bullies Genesis

Expand Utilities

We will continue to expand utilities for our holders and partner with pioneers across the Web/2Web3 spaces. We aim to create scalability through our expansions of utilities, partnerships, and refinement of our community/demographic.



Early Birds is an expansive information hub, primarily composed of blue-chip NFT holders, options traders and resellers. Our token-gated discord channels, which are exclusive to Early Birds holders/subscribers, are full of providers and engaged community members that help each other prosper. We will continue to expand our team of providers and scale member benefits over time.

Education and Community

We have a low supply with the intention of embracing our holders with a tight-knit, exclusive community feel. This low supply enables Chris and providers to be engaged with every member, taking their personal situations and experience into account when addressing questions, concerns or suggestions.

This establishment of lasting relationships between holders promotes member retention and brand longevity.

Every holder/subscriber has access to our team of mentors and guides. Whether members are looking to start a successful business, learn how to trade options, or simply make new friends, the resources provided within can offer priceless insight and opportunities.


Staked Early Birds and subscribers are eligible for random airdrops consisting of NFTs, Ethereum, and more!


Engage and have fun while participating in weekly games with the community. Participants are rewarded with $WORMS.

Worms Mart

Early Bird ownership grants access to Worms Mart, our Polygon marketplace. Our unique marketplace provides a wide range of redeemable items and services for holders. There will be Legendary Items, which are offered only to Legendary 1/1 Early Bird holders. Only $WORMS are accepted.


Chris Maffei
(aka Boss Bird)

Chris is Early Birds' Founder, Treasurer, Alpha Manager, Collab Manager, Community Manager and Social Media Manager. He specializes in community building, business/brand management, retail arbitration and NFT/Crypto market analysis.

Mikey Guggenheim
(aka Bird Bath)

Mikey Guggenheim is an animator, filmmaker, and NFT artist based in Los Angeles, California. His past clients include Warner Music, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon, ABC, and Disney, among others.


Devko is an experienced NodeJS Developer specializing in smart contract development and deployment. His previous NFT projects include Claylings, 8sian, Wackies, and AIC.